Tuesday, 11 May 2010


An appeal from some stranded film-makers:

Hi All!

We need your help! Our short film is on the verge of remaining incomplete and we are appealing for donations to enable us to finish a film we have spent the best part of year making. The smallest donation can make all the difference to us. Three years at film school teaches you how to squeeze the most out of every pound in your budget!

For those of you that are unaware, we have spent the last 9 months making a short film called Alco-Hold-Up. Alco-Hold-Up is 15 minute short heist film set in Bournemouth in 1986. It follows two young barmen Max and Darren. A drunken night-out leads them to crash Max's dad's prized Porsche 924. Faced with the impending return of Max's holidaying parents, Max and Darren need to raise the money to repair the car. Desperate, they decide to rob their place of employment: The Winchester Jazz Bar - the local haunt of Bournemouth's criminal underworld. The only problem is, Max and Darren are not the only ones to hatch such a plan...

Alco-Hold-Up is a comedy caper about how a drunken mistake leads to our two hapless lads into a whole world of trouble. Our aim with the film is to pay homage to classic 80's buddy movie comedies, combining it with a modern British comedy tone. The film is shot on 16mm film, will be premiered at BFI in London and will tour international film festivals.

Principle photography was carried out over a week in March and went fantastically well, save one MAJOR hiccup: on the first day of shooting we were kicked-off our location before we could turn-over a single frame of film. The reasons cannot be attributed to anything other than bad luck. We had the appropriate permissions but on the day all it took was one grumpy site-manager to undo our months of preparation and planning. This meant that, although we carried on and shot the rest of the film, we are still missing the opening sequence which is vital for the story!

We hope to shoot this scene at some point before the end of May in order to finish the film by mid June. However, we are in dire need of some funding to finance the shooting of this missing scene.

Having seen what happens to Max and Darren, we have decided against robbery as a form of fund-raising. Hence, we are appealing for some donations, of any size, to help us complete nearly a year's-worth of hard work. We have put our hearts and souls (and most of our student loans) into this project but it is the unfortunate nature of film-making that this is not always enough. Therefore, we are asking for small donations from any one who would like to help us finish our film. We can offer a copy of the finished film, special thanks on the credits and, of course, our eternal gratitude!

Any amount up to £15 will get you a 'Special Thanks' credit

Any amount between £15 and £50 will get you a 'Special Thanks' credit and copy of the film

Any amount above £50 will get you both of the above and an 'Executive Producer' credit

Many Thanks

Danny Gonzalez
Director, Alco-Hold-Up

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